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Mini Crawler Cranes

Mini Crawler Cranes
Mini Crawler Cranes

Our fleet of rubber tracked mini crawler cranes is available for dry hire and wet hire.

Franna Cranes

15 Tonne Franna
15 Tonne Franna

A compact lighter franna crane effective where site restrictions are in place e.g.: slab weight and narrow access ways. Available for long or short term dry hire.

20 tonne franna
20 Tonne Franna

The most popular and versatile franna crane ever made for building sites and pick and carry work. Available for dry hire.

25 Tonne Franna

With this franna crane you have the power, finesse and versatility to lift almost anything anywhere. Available for wet or dry hire.


The largest pick and carry crane in the Franna range. Available for dry hire.

Truck & All Terrain Cranes

Kobelco RK 16 Tonne City Crane

Main Boom 25 metre - 5 metre fly
Maximum lift capacity – 16 tonne at 2.5 metre radius
Drive steering 4 x 4 - a compact, strong and versatile crane.
Suitable for tight access, sites and spaces.
Also suitable for working on suspended slabs with Engineer’s approval.

30 Tonne Truck Crane

The 30t mobile crane is the most economical and affordable crane in all aspects of material handling for building sites e.g.: formwork, reo and bricks. Available for dry hire.

35 Tonne All Terrain Crane
35 Tonne All Terrain Crane

Liebherr’s 35t all terrain is a compact solution for site access allowing setting up in most tight areas. Able to lift 1tonne at 30 metres radius.

Boom size: 30m main and 15 m fly jib.
Dimensions: Length 8.380m. Width 2.5. Height 3.550m
Outrigger Footprint: 6.2m x 6.0m.

55 Tonne
55 Tonne All Terrain Crane

A three axle general purpose all terrain crane. Is a more practical alternative for site access, capable of setting up on uneven terrain and slippery surfaces.

Boom size: 40m main and 16m fly jib.
Dimensions: Length 9.435m. Width 2.82m. Height 3.75m.
Outrigger footprint: 7.36m x 6.3m

100 Tonne Grove GMK 4100 Crane

Main Boom 11.3m – 52m
Wrap around fixed fly jib 10-27m with 0-40 degrees offset.
4 axle crab seer all terrain mobile crane with 1 tonne capacity @ 54 metre radius.
The four-axle mobile crane Grove 4100 is the most powerful crane in its class.
The 100 tonner is setting standards with its extensive technical range.
Great lifting capabilities.
An ideal compact crane able to access tight site while still able to reach with its long telescopic boom.
Able to get into difficult spots.

130 Tonne All Terrain Crane
130 Tonne All Terrain Crane

The 130t all terrain mobile crane has strong lifting capacities and exceptional mobility. Its main feature is its 60m of hydraulic boom and its 19m folding fly, which is hydraulically adjustable and gives the crane a maximum radius of 72m.

Boom size: 60m main and 32m fly jib.
Dimensions: Length 11.94m.
Width 2.75m. Height 3.91m
Outrigger footprint: 7.8m x 7.5m.

200 Tonne All Terrain Cranes
200 Tonne All Terrain Cranes

The 200t all terrain mobile crane provides ease and safety to heavy lifts: e.g. bridge construction, heavy plant and tower crane erection.

Boom size: 60m main and 42m fly jib.
Carrier Dimensions: Length 13.16m. Width 3m. height 3.85m.
Outrigger footprint: 8.875m x 8.3m.

300 Tonne All Terrain Cranes

The Liebherr LTM-1300.6.1, 6 axle 300 Tonne All Terrain mobile crane provides ease and safety to heavy lifts e.g. wind farms, bridge beams, assembling and dismantling of TBM's, concrete panel erection and general site work.

Boom size: 60m main and 72m luffing fly jib.
Carrier Dimensions: Length 15.28m, Width 3m, Height 3.85m
Outrigger Footprint: 8.86m x 8.5m


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